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Freedom = Entrepreneurship

What is freedom?
What is freedom? Freedom is to be a common street vendor. This is how Sears started out, a Black man street vendor in NYC. Freedom is to be able to drive your car around, with a phone number, without government permission and $25,000 to start up. It is being able to cut hair wihout all the State interference. It is being able to sell sandwiches, whatever, without the IRS coming in, stopping competition. It is being able to sell wormwood, a herb that the Chinese have been using for thousands of years in to cure malaria, and now proved to cure cancer. It is being able to have your own radio station, without the government goons coming down breaking in your door. It is being able to be different, without the cops coming around harassing your for living (since they and their bosses don't know what life is, so when they see it they get scared). It is being able to build your own house, own garage with as many people as you want living there, without government interference. It is being able to live, survive without the State busy-bodies, do-gooders, fascists sniffing around and telling you what to do, how to act, what to smoke, what to drink, how to dress, what color to paint your house, etc. The do-gooders, the busy-bodies make the world a living hell! If they would leave us alone, we could thrive. Instead they make their living messing into our lives. They are aggressive, pompous, self-elected aristocrats that think they have a right to boss us around, push us around, sniff around our lives, watch us, harass us, sneak around, dig into our private lives and tell us what we cant and can do. They want to make sure we are as dead as them - any life they are afraid of. Anyone that isn't as boring as them - they are afraid of. They want to destroy anyone that ins't as dumb, uninteresting, pompous, as them. They are so stupid they are dangerous. Stay away from the busy bodies.

So, fight for freedom - drive a cab without a license. Sell pop without a license. Sell a sandwich without permissin. Paint your house obtuse. Compete with the local businessman or State or corporation. Become a common street vendor. Beg for donations in the street. Do whatever you want - as long as you don't hurt anyone. That's the way our Founding Fathers wanted our country to be - free from government interference. Now that's all we have is government interference. They don't want us to even have the basic human right of protecting ourselves and want to take away our guns! They don't want us to be able to produce, so we have to be on Welfare and dependent on the State to survive, because they won't let us beg or live in a box in the woods or start our own business. They will hound us to death! That's what the government dows now - hount us to death. Then, the doctors come in and give us drugs that kill us. Say we are nuts, and put is institutions or old- folks homes or nut houses or prisons. They hound us to death. That's all they do. We can't even be a basic common street vendor anymore! How inhumane is that! That's how our great country was founded. From common street vendors and entrepreneurs and freethinkers!



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