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PROTEST! Vs. George Bush This Sunday!

STOP His War on Iraq! President Bush is visiting Springfield this Sunday. Local organizations are organizing a non-violent, legal protest against Bush’s war on Iraq. CCAWR is organizing rides from Chicago to the protest, matching up drivers with those who need rides. Call 888.471.0874 if you can offer a ride or need a ride.
Local organizations including the Springfield Peace Coalition, the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, the Heartland Peace Center, and The Space are organizing a non-violent, legal protest against Bush’s war on Iraq. The Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism urges everyone to go to Springfield this Sunday to protest Bush's plan to launch a full-scale war on Iraq.

Here is logistical information from the local organizers:
“Anti-war demonstrators committed to nonviolence should meet on Sunday, November 3 at 11 a.m. on the SE corner of the Old State Capitol plaza -- where it borders 6th street just at the point Adams deadends across the street. The SE corner of the Old State Capitol mall can also be described as across the street from the big gray 1930s office building and katty corner some restored law offices on 6th and Adams. If there isn't room there, the public sidewalks on 6th St. would be a good place to gather. We'll have to play it by ear a bit.”

Driving directions to the protest:
There is paid parking underneath the Old State Capitol, entrance on 6th Street -- which runs one-way north. The Old State Capitol plaza is bordered by Washington St. on the North, 6th Street on the East, a closed-to-traffic Adams St. on the South, and 5th Street on the West. 5th and 7th streets are one-way South. 4th and 6th streets are one-way North. 2nd is two-way.Jefferson is one-way west, Washington is one-way East, Adams one-way West, Monroe one way East, Capitol is two way. Parking can be found along these streets on weekends -- though you may have to park a couple of blocks away if there are a lot of people at the rally.

Coming into Springfield on I-55 or I-72, you get off at Clear Lake Ave. exit and go East on Clear Lake. Clear Lake turns into a one-way expressway that takes you east into downtown Springfield. The Old State Capitol Mall is between 5th and 6th and Washington and Adams. You would take the 5th Street Exit -- but as I say, you may have to opt for parking on 4th (one-way north) or 7th (one-way) south or some of the cross streets.



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