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150+ vigil & march for Michael Walker in Cabrini, killed by cops

Tuesday, 5:30pm 10/30/02...
In the heart of the Cabrini-Green housing projects, about 100 to 150 people came together for a vigil and to demand justice for Michael Walker,21, who was shot in the face by police Sunday morning. They claim he was selling drugs, there was a "scuffle" and he was "accidentally" shot in the face.

Many family members and friends of Michael spoke about how this was no an accident like the police claim it was. People testified to the unjust sweeps, beatings and heavy police "lockdown" that's going on in the neighborhood as the city presses ahead with their plan to destroy public housing. Some called it "martial law" and a "police state".

A representative of the Stolen Lives Project offered condolences to the family, and led the crowd in the Stolen Lives Pledge:

"I, _______________, pledge that the life and humanity of these Stolen Lives will not be forgotten. I pledge that their highest hopes and aspirations will live on in us and that I will seek justice for these and all the Stolen Lives. In this way I pledge that their memory will stay alive in us and will inspire us to fight for justice and a better world."

People are very angry about this cold-blooded murder, and decided to march. The march went from building to building, calling out more support and the group swelled to about 150 or more, with mostly youth from the neighborhood and many parents with kids. People chanted "no justice? no peace!", "jail the killer cops!" and "no more stolen lives".

The spirited march stopped at two police stations, one mini-station in one of the Cabrini buildings, and at the relatively new station at Division & Larrabee. People loudly demanded justice and recieved only vacant stares from the cops.

Toward the end, heading back to the starting point at Divison & Larrabee, people took to the streets, and briefly took over the intersection, blocking traffic. Police were following the march all along and lined up backed up by several wagons to push the crowd out of the street.

From here, the event slowly came to a close. One young man, only 12 years old was arrested. We don't know why yet. Witnesses say they saw police hitting him and twisting his arm. As we write this, an ambulance has pulled up to the police station where they took him, which may or may not be for him, we don't know.

Organizations who were on the scene:
Stolen Lives Project; Direct Action Network;
October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation; Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade; RCP; public housing activists.

There will be a larger march on Sunday at 2pm at Division & Larrabee.

It is very important that people who live outside Cabrini come out on Sunday to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people who live under the gun of brutal cops 24/7.




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