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Rally Against Police Murder of Michael Walker in Cabrini Wed. 5:30pm

Rally to Stop Police Brutality-- Wed. Oct.30, 5:30 pm

Justice For Michael Walker!
The truth about police murder will be told!

Jail the Killer Cops!

Michael Walker, 21, was murdered--shot in the face,
after being beaten- by a member of the Chicago Police
Department, in Green Homes, on Oct. 27.
While the media regurgitates police garbage, the
Cabrini-Green community is going to get the people's
side out- regarding Michael's murder and the continual
criminalization and brutality that the police have
been perpetrating.

Rally in Cabrini-Green:

Division and Larrabee (northwest corner) Wednesday,
Oct. 30 at 5:30 pm.

Sponsored by the Revolutionary Communist Youth

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