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realize the value of being beautiful with each other

supremely foolish? why do you *believe* as you believe?
confucious once was attributed as saying: truth is like an elephant, and we are all blind [persons] touching different parts of truth.

and as we touch these different truths, we believe we have the ONLY Truth, yet such truth is amongst many.

when we understand this we may better approach being excellent with each other.

And how about kids? Consider:

As people seek to hold onto the imagination Given (where common folks must subordinate to coerced ideas of life), in our alienation we become madder and madder (angry and *off the deep end*) as we try to hold onto a Way of Doing Things which reduces us from our excellent diversity. The young, still being in-depth real--not as conditioned as their adults--intuitively dissent. Yet, in their dissent they are not yet always articulate enough to be able to speak our language so that we may understand.

This is where we may find the idea in the art valuable

As is said, peace begins at home.

And, as Chomsky has said, to be most responsible, we go into motion on the things/situations we CAN influence.
So, where can you influence? And, what if you were to go BEYOND where you think you can influence?

Time to come out of the margins!

Utilize our awareness of the severe alienation of terroristic power and do a kind of mutually beautiful ju-jitsu; beyond formal, beyond all the confines that have been planted in our heads (in our imaginations). Those who apparently believe in Given "Norms" are very often lost/*knowing not what they do*/wishing privately that they could be involved in excellence



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