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WWW.UNANSWEREDQUESTIONS.ORG is a scholarly compilation of articles concerning 9/11 (which is VERY relevant to what’s going on today!!!). Go to “ 9/11 TIME LINE” which contains EVERY article from the MAIN STREAM press concerning connections between BUSH, CIA, ISRAEL, CHANEY,WOLFOWITZ, THE OIL COMPANIES, etc. and 9/11.

WWW. UNANSWEREDQUESTIONS.ORG: is scholarly compilation of EVERY article
(all from the MAIN STREAM press) concerning 9/11, before, during and after.
All those connections between the CIA, BUSH, ISRAEL, and 9/11 can be found
via articles from the MAIN STREAM press. Click on “911 TIME LINE”. If it’s
too weighty (and there’s a lot!), just go to the time of the “event” and/or tell your
more scholarly friends: it’s a MUST READ! Remember all those stories that you
read or hear about, well they’re here and they’re all from the MAIN STREAM
press from around the world. It provides a summary, with the original articles
available. When you come across interesting nuggets (i.e.. articles) PUBLISH
THEM HERE for everyone to read & learn. I’ve just started reading the TIME
LINE and it backing every suspicion that I have concerning that pivotal event
which is allowing Bush & CO to GO TO WAR (as the flags are flying from every
other American car).



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