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Marine Corp Chant

Alex Jones says our military has a chant teaching to kill school children?!
Alex Jones (WWW.INFOWARS.NET) says the U.S. Marine Corps has a chant teaching them to kill school children?! He says they are preparing us for their New World Order/Totalitarianism. Why does our government like the Muslems and are even teaching it in our schools? Because they practice totalitarianism tactics, like all governments do and have done throughout the history of humankind. Check out Alex for more on this chant. He says F.E.M.A. military federazis are training our cops too. Maybe this explains their abuses of power? Our Founding Fathers fought against abuses of power. In fact, George Washington refused to be King, when the people were begging him to be their king. Our Founding Fathers had great intelligence and integrity and brought us a way to fight tyranny - the first time in history. Now they want to take that away from us because it worked too good?



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