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Rockford Peace Rally

We had about 150 people gather in Rockford.
In Rockford we had about 150 people show up at the Puri(blech) Peach Plaza (why do they have to name such things after developers responsible for such hideous sprawl?). It was hosted by Rockford Peace aand Justice Committe and the Interfaith Peace Council. There were representatives of many churches abnd beliefs (Catholic, Methodist, Islamic, Lutheran, Native American, etc) as well as a Palestinian girl, the Sweet Adelines (a ladies chorus) and other peace groups speaking. We stood for about an hour and a half in very cold weather. There was a massive sign up by perryville road saying "honk for peace" that prompted much honking (often the speakers were almost inaudible over it, and the "peace park" is a ways off the street.

This was billed as a "pro-peace" rally as the developer for whom it is named, when asked his opinion on having an anti-war rally there, said that it was not an "anti-war" place, but a "pro-peace" place.

There was a wonderful flyer available there, "Bin Laden Wants You To Invade Iraq"



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