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Sen. Evan Bayh asks Terre Haute demonstrator, "What do you people want from me?"

Three demonstrators from the Terre HauteStop War on Iraq protested in front of the Holiday Inn where the Vigo County Democrats held a fundraiser
tonight, the eve of the national march in Washington, D.C. After the demonstration the one
male demonstrator unexpectedly met Sen. Bayh.
The special guest tonight at the Vigo Co., Indiana Democratic fundraiser was Sen. Evan Bayh.
Three members of the Terre Haute Stop War on Iraq went down to the Holiday Inn with their signs and stood next to the driveway to the hotel. They saw the senator arrive and he did not acknowledge them. Unknown to them until later, he and his aides apparently stayed in his car in the parking lot watching the demonstrators until after the cocktail hour was over. Apparently, the
senator did not want to be seen in public at the cocktail part of the event.
The demonstrators had stayed on a little
past the cocktail hour thinking the press would
come out and talk to them. When it became obvious
by 7:20 p.m. past the starting time of the dinner that they were not going to interview them, they
decided to break up. Bryan Smith decided to go into the side entrance of the hotel to find a
restroom. Bayh and one of his aides were following him. Bayh initiated the conversation
with "What do you people want from me?"
Smith explained that millions of people are
opposed to this war and that he thought Bayh is out of touch with the people on this. Bayh replied to the effect that he didn't want war either but that he felt that Saddam Hussein needed to be threatened seriously in order for
there to be peace.
Of the five tv stations covering the event,
two of them from Indianapolis, only the reporter
from Terre Haute's, WTHI interviewed Smith after
he approached her after she had interviewed
Bayh. He asked her shouldn't the anti-war people
be given equal time? She agreed and did a 10 minute interview with him. Hopefully it will
run at 11 p.m. and will help bring out more
demonstrators to tomorrows local solidarity



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