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Critical Mass in Rockford

Critical Mass rode tonight in Rockford
We had a total of 10 riders, 3 of em kids... we met at haight park as is custom, rode down the hill to water street then to madison and then over to kishwaukee, then went on to 15th street and crossed the river there... we then rode up main street to the morgan street bridge... on main a cop pulled up next to us with his lights going yelling "single file" - I yelled back - "two abreast, its the law!" he then passed me up and yelled single file to the riders ahead of me, they responded that they were not breaking any laws... apparently the cop realized that he obviously was dealing with people more informed of the laws he is supposedly trained to enforce than he is and he turned off his lights and drove off. We crossed the river back at morgan street and ended up at one of the rider's houses. Not coiunting the 7 or 8 cops that showed up for our first ride (in bulletproof vests!!!!) this was the largest ride yet!



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