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Champaign, IL : Oct 26 - Local anti-war protesters return to the streets

As thousands gather in DC, local antiwar protesters return to N. Prospect and Marketview this Saturday.
Champaign- Undaunted by angry motorists and unruly police, local protesters will return to North Prospect and Marketview this Saturday, Oct. 26, 2-4 pm, to call on the US government to halt its misguided plans for war against the Iraqi people. The activists, members of the Anti-War Anti-Racism Effort (AWARE), have been encouraged the last two Saturdays by dozens of supportive motorists, honking, waving, and in some cases pulling over and joining the demonstrations.

Two recent incidents have kept the protest more exciting than expected, they say. First, on Saturday Oct. 12, a passing motorist became enraged when he saw the protesters and drove up onto the sidewalk where they were standing. One participant was standing with her back turned and had to be yanked out of the truck's path. Organizers notified the police immediately and supplied the driver's license plate number. Champaign police report that they are "still investigating."

However, the following Saturday, Oct. 19, when two protesters stepped into the street to hand leaflets to passing cars, the police reacted swiftly and decisively, issuing $75 citations to both and ordering them to leave. Far from discouraged, AWARE is now redoubling its efforts to get their message out to what they believe is a largelt sympathetic public.

Thousands of anti-war protesters, including a few dozen locals, will be demonstrating in Washington, DC, the same day, Oct. 26. AWARE is calling on everyone who cannot make it to DC to come on out to N. Prospect and Marketview for a good local showing.



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