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The administration is lying!

8/10/02 Kuwait / two soldiers killed / a fake
This is not the truth!

More over hundred have been killed and brought back undercovered during an gagging order.

Remember the words of Bush: There will be no more protests if bodybags return home
(Shure, they must peculate the true quantity because they don't make the same mistake twice like Vietnam)

Sudden increase over 600% of overflights by US airforce with wrong declared routes (mostly large Boeing 747 & Douglas M 51 UK/Germany/Afghanistan) recorded at Austria.

The troops are in transit during Bush abates the world and after attacking irag the US will earn more terror as imaginable and so the doors are wide open to occupy more over 60 states at fire line to realise the project of "new world order".

I'm cheerless to see my son growing up in this new shit world made by this hazardous dumb-bell and his fascist environment.

The history repeats but there is no grand country to free america like former times the US have done.
Yes, I will rebel against this future and they will denounce me as an enemy of freedom and the crowd of sheeps will repeat again and again 'terrorist, evil, burn him out'

take a look at and count the bodybags



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