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Sniper "Drama" Ended Too Smoothly - Coincidentally?!

Sniper Story all a con game - wakre up, America. Don't Believe the Hype!
The sniper drama worked out too smoothly, coincidentally. Just like the Twin Towers looked like a "movie." The media is working for the government/the State/Big Brother/Sister now and you can't beliegve a thing they say. It's all a hype, a way to make money, a con game and if they don't lick the boots of Big Brother, Big Brother will fire them. Don't Believe the Hype. We should be investigating the sniper drama and get the government out, since they have proved they are a bunch of criminals. Why are we allowing the criminals to investifate what they have done to get money and power over the American people. You are safe if you work for the government, have relatives working for the government and are working for the media (which is the government too). The rest of us are toast. They can't go after themselves and their relatives - so they have no one left, but us! So if you want to be safe, start working for Big Brother and remember, they only hire criminals like themselves or stupid people that don't know the difference (which is uually women, since they don't know how the world works).



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