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Salmar Rushdie Warned Not To Fly on 9-11

Why was Salmar Rushdie and Willie Brown warned on 9-11?
Russ Kick says Salmar Rushdie and Mayor Willie Brown were warned not to fly to New York on 9-11. Why wasn't Barbara Olson who wrote "Hell To Pay" against Hilary Clinton, warned and the others? I guess the New Aristocrats are safe, but the rest of us are toast. That's the way Aristocrats have always acteda nd will continue to act unless we stop them. They are the new Aristocrats - new government workers and their cronies, media and family - they are the New Aristocrats and will be safe. We have to bootlick like them and be criminals like them to be safe from their terror. They have to use fear to kep us in line or else the New Aristocrats and their boootlicers will come and get you!



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