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Eric Drooker, Political Artist, in Pilsen Oct 30

Eric Drooker, the political artist and activist known for his work on gentrification, Mumia, squatter struggles and more, will present a slide show of his new book on Oct 30 at 7:30 pm at Taller Mestizarte in Pilsen, 1440 W 18th Street.

OCT 30 at TALLER MESTIZARTE, 1440 W 18th Street
7:30 pm
773-544-0804 for more info

Award winning graphic novelist, activist and third generation New Yorker, Drooker, will project sequential images from FLOOD! A Novel In Pictures, and give a sneak preview of his newest book, Blood Song: A Silent Ballad. With live, musical accompaniment by the artist--and a late-breaking political weather forecast you don't want to miss!

Author book signing will follow. (Free event)



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