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UN Resolution: US Draft Gives Iraq 75-Day Deadline

It has been revealed the United States' draft UN resolution on Iraq imposes a 75-day deadline for weapons inspectors to begin the disarmament of Saddam Hussein's regime.
The US has already changed the wording of the motion to remove the automatic trigger for military action if Saddam Hussein is uncooperative.

The wording of the document, which became public for the first time today, gives Iraq 30 days to make a full and complete declaration of its weapons of mass destruction.

It then gives weapons inspectors another 45 days to start work on disarmament.

If those deadlines are not met, the US will consider military action.

But Russia and France say they still do not believe the resolution is satisfactory, because it is not very different to previous drafts.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says Russia will only accept a resolution that does not allow the automatic use of force.

Earlier, after talks with chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix, Mr Ivanov said the weapons inspectors must resume their work in Iraq rapidly.

Dr Blix appeared optimistic after talks with Mr Ivanov, saying he was able to spell out the importance of a united position in the UN Security Council on a resolution for getting his inspectors back into Iraq.

When quizzed about Russia's negative reaction to the new resolution from the US, Dr Blix agreed there was still some distance between council members.

However he believes a consensus will take days not weeks, pointing out the permanent members of the Security Council had already made significant progess on difficult issues.

He says his team is ready to go and once a resolution has been passed and agreed to by Iraq, he will have an advance crew in Bagdad within seven to 10 days.



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