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NHRC accuses Nepalese Govt of Gross Rights Violations

NHRC accuses security forces of gross rights violation

By Rabi Khadka

KATHMANDU, Oct 22 – A report prepared by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has accused the security forces of gross human rights violation in their efforts to suppress growing violence by the Maoists and urges the government to declare cease-fire to resolve the Maoist problem.

The finding was published in a report prepared by the NHRC following on site visits to 35 districts that are hardest hit by the Maoist insurgency. The report was presented to Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand at his office here Tuesday.

A statement issued by the NHRC Tuesday said the inspection teams found gross rights violations by the security forces in areas they visited. The report only points the finger of blame on the government side.

A source within NHRC, however, told Kantipur Online that the violations by the Maoists were not included in the report because the commission wanted to bring to attention the violation on government’s part. 

“The report was handed over the Prime Minister…there is no point in bringing to government’s attention the abuses committed by the Maoists,” the source said.

The source added that the rights abuses committed by the Maoists would be made available to the press on Wednesday. Asked what types of abuses the Maoists were committing, the source said they were of the same nature as those by the security forces.

The report presented to the Prime Minister accuses security forces of “killing innocents in fake encounters.” The report also accuses security forces of not following law while arresting, detaining and searching individuals, of using excessive force during operations and of being insensitive to the basic needs of education, food and health rights of the people.

The report called on the government to immediately address these violations by following laws provided by the constitution. It also says the government needs to declare cease-fire, even if for time being, and lead the process towards peace.



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