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Buy Nothing Day in Chicago?

Want to plan for Buy Nothing Day in Chicago? Got a great idea for this day but need people to help you execute it? Let's start planning early : Buy Nothing Day is Friday, November 29, 2002. Contact me if you have ideas - I am putting together an e-mailing list for discussion.
"United We Spend?" United Let's Don't.

If enough jammers turn their disaffection into resistance for just one day, November 29 could mark the delivery of a landmark social message. More than a million people will celebrate 11 years of opposition on the unofficial "opening day" of the Christmas frenzy. Play this one right and we will make Buy Nothing Day 2002 a global event on par with Earth Day. Previous participants have come up with the traditions: swap meets, teach-ins, concerts, street theatre, credit-card cut-ups, postering, potlucks. But hey, it's a culture jam - no one's drawing up any rules.



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