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Powell Condemns Hussein Prisoner Releases

Colin Powell condemns Saddam Hussein release of political, other prisoners. Stance seems inconsistent with previous Powell statements, actions.
Saddam Hussein releases prisoners, including political detainees. But Colin Powell is not fooled. No siree. This wise and principled man, the "moderate" in the Bush administration, will not be fooled by the likes of Saddam.

``This is typical of this man's use of human beings for these political purposes of his,'' Powell said. ``This is the kind of manipulation he uses to try to paint himself as something other than what he is, a brutal dictator.''

Now, isn't this the same Powell who took a week to reach Sharon while Israeli tanks devastated the West Bank? The man who told Harry Belafonte and the world how proud he is to serve his country and his president, George W. Bush, the number one cheerleader for Israeli atrocities? The man who "serves" along side Don Rumsfeld, the former Saddam cheerleader? The man who presided over the "turkey shoot" along the Death Highway from Jordan to Iraq when thousands of Iraqi conscripts were slaughtered in 1991? The man who defended Lt. Calley of Vietnam massacre infamy?

Yeah, I think it's the same guy. He ought to recognize a brutal dictator when he sees one. He's surrounded by the type. And he looks into a mirror too.



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