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Iraq; Another Desert Slaughter? The Case Against The Bush Doctrine

A meeting sponsed by the International Socialist Oraganization at UIC Saturday evening to discuss Bush's new Docterine for War and Imperialism.
A crowd of about 110 people gathered Saturday evening at the University of Illinois at Chicago to hear Ahmed Shawki give a talk against the Bush Docterine. The multi-racial group, made up mostly of area students, came out to listen and speak out against Bush's call for pre-emptive war,as well as to question the change in policy towards overt foriegn imperialism. Mr. Shawki, a well known activist and the editor of the International Socialist Review,made a convincible argument conecting the current push to war with the larger U.S. aims in the scope of global control. The talk generated a lengthy discussion, most notably taking up how the growing anti-war movement can best combat the administration's agenda. This meeting served as a concrete way to build for the upcomming national demonstration against Bush's war in Iraq that will be taking place in Washington D.C. next weekend on October 26th.



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