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Action Alert: Write the UN Security Council to Stop the Rush to War!

The United States Congress has voted for going to war with Iraq— failing in its duty to represent a deeply divided American public. For people around the world who are troubled by what this conflict could bring, the vote in Congress is distressing since US military action now seems all but inevitable. There are still ways, however, to express your opposition to a war on Iraq and stop this invasion.
The United Nations Security Council has not yet approved a US invasion of Iraq. While the war resolution passed by Congress says the US does not have to wait for UN approval to invade Iraq, the fact remains that US policy makers would find it politically difficult, if not impossible, to launch a war without a UN mandate. If we can prevent the UN from approving an invasion, we could still stop this war.
Please write members of the UN Security Council today and express your strong opposition to any unprovoked attack against Iraq. You can fax the letter, located at directly to members of the Security Council just by filling in your personal information and hitting the send button. Every few days we will send the fax to a different member of the 15-nation Security Council, so be sure to revisit this page regularly.
Thank you for contributing to this important effort. By uniting with citizens around the globe, we can stop this senseless war.



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