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Food Not Bombs confronts violent street gang

FNB Protest turn into victory of public space (article 1)
Wednessday around 4'oclock, the Rogers Park FOOD NOT BOMBS set up in front of the loyola El stop McDonalds Express. They served an intising fried tofu with vegatables, rice, and fresh fruit. People were distributing vegan literature, while displaying anti-Mcdanalds banners. They were also promoting the up coming FNB benifit (vegan iron chef) at the azone on saturday ( People were eating, and hanging out despite the cold weather. Most people that gave notice, expressed intrest and encouraged the sharing. But after 30 minutes of sharing, A local street gang showed up to flex its muscle on its turf. Some one in FNB decided to be civil and diplomatic by approaching this violent street gang. After a short verbal scuffle and a little thugish intimidation, the cops sargent, or commander, showed up. with in minutes the thugs disbandned. The commander told his boys in blue that FND wasnt doing anything wrong. and that FOOD NOT BOMBS is what america is made of'.(to paraphrase the commander). Shortly after the police left everyone felt a little safer, with that violent street gang gone.



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