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israeli 'settlers' on the rampage

attack journalists
Dozens of settlers attacked journalists covering yesterday's dismantling of the Havat Gilad outpost.

Media figures who were accosted included a Channel One film crew, a reporter from The New York Times and a crew from the Russian NTV television network.

Stones were thrown at the journalists; settlers blocked access to the site; and some journalists' vehicles were badly damaged by groups of young Jews, who "went wild like a crazed, incited mob," as Channel One correspondent, Menahem Hadar, reported.

Hadar said later that some 30, kippa-wearing youths attacked Channel One photographer Moshe Friedman, then grabbed and threw his camera. "We tried to get away from them, but they continued to chase us anywhere we went, and also threw rocks at us," said Hadar. "Some 14-year-old teenagers came up to us and demanded that we hand over the camera and film; then they kicked the photographer and smashed our car's windshield."

Other journalists on the scene reported that 10-year-old children hurled rocks at them, and that the young settlers "behaved like monsters."



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