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LET OUR PEOPLE GO- Prisoner Support Rally at Cook County Jail October 20th

the Anarchist Black Cross of Chicago is hosting a anti-prison rally prisoner support rally & March October 20th at 3pm at Cook County Jail 26th & California.
We are furious at a society which views incarceration as a solution to the ills it creates with its economy based upon greed and poverty.

Cook County Jail is the epitome of a disgusting process of locking away the poor and profiting off of their suffering.

It is symbolic of a corrupt police force who engages in extortion and utilizes racist drug laws to crush dissent oppress communities of color It is used as a concentration camp for anyone who is guilty of the crime of poverty and thus forced to wait for weeks until trial because they
couldn't afford bail for a crime that will be dropped as soon as it comes to court.

It is a torture chamber in which violence and hatred is inflicted and reverberates through out our whole society.
It must be shutdown and they must let our people go.

October 20th the Chicago Anarchist Black Cross is holding a rally against this vile institution, right in front of its gates at 26th & California starting at around 3pm.

There will be a variety of speakers, including anti-prison activists, former prisoners, former police officers, and people who have lost family members to the prison system. Names of them are: Anthony Rayson also with STAND the group organizing against a airport in Peytone, Prince Yisrael,
Jane Doe and others. There will be an open mic and we will march and speak out against this injustice.

Afterwards there is a potluck dinner being held to benefit the ABC, at the Autonomous Zone, a anarchist community center at 7:30pm at 2129 N. Milwaukee Ave. All are welcome, people are encouraged to bring "meat-free" dish. But come anyways if you have nothing to share and enjoy.



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