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"9-11: The Road To Tyranny"

Alex Jones has a video, that you can see over the Internet, called "9-11: the road to tyranny." Watch it to see how corrupt our government is? Then, remember, State workers are stealing your hard-earned money.
Watch Alex Jones' video "9-11: The Road To Tyranny" over the Internet. Alex describes how corrupt our governmnet is. Remember, when someone steals your money, wihich is what the State does, they force money from you to follow you around and get more war money and jets and fancy women and meals, these bureaucrats need your money, since they are too stupid and half-dead to make it on their own. They are like the mafia and have to rip you off to survive! They don't have much intelligence like Bill Gates or other successful businessmen, so they make media reports of bad businessmen and make themselves look better. The media is owned by the State, otherwise it would be good to business! Wake up! For more, check out Alex, our freedom fighter at WWW.INFOWARS.NET.



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