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No Police State Without Ability to Dole Out Pain.

Human beings have a basic human right to their own brand of pain relief!
Human beings have a god-given right to their choice of pain relief. Nature provides plants for this very purpose! So why does the State/bootlicking media/bureaucratic/elitist/half-dead morons not allow us to grow poppy plants for opium? Thomas Jefferson grew them for pain relief. We would not have the only free country in the history of humankind without these Statesmen (not politicians, but they were educated, inventors, spoke 6 different languages, worked for freedom and studied Aristotle for their wisdom). These guys used their own brand of pain relief. We would not have this beautiful freedom, without their pain relief, without their brains. So the half-dead morons want to take this away from us. Something that is basic to human rights! Our basic right as human beings, the State want to control, so they can take away our pain relief when we disagree with the State. Remember what the Clinton's did to their enemies? Read a book, such as Barbara Olson (on the plkane in the Twin tower a day after publishing her book) her book called "Hell To Pay" about Hiliary. Not a statesman, by the way. Too stupid and too evil and corrupt and lawyer. The Founding Fathers did not want lawyers in our government, that was the ffirst 13th Amendment, ask your teacher about this one. The first 13th Amendment, which says no bureaucrat can cote, no lawyer can be in government. oar



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