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"Peace" = Status Quo, Good for those in Denial

Complacency does not equal "Peace"
An idea never visited here:

Is letting Saddam build, maintain and stockpile his weapons of mass destruction, while the UN does nothing, really stand as a model for peace? Is this really "Peace"?

While military action is not the answer to everything, I believe those who actually care about US national security have a point here.

The Germans, now sporting passivism through the election season, won't support any action to disarm Saddam. But after 2 world wars, a holocaust, along with the rise of Hitler and Milosevic --both of which happen as a result of appeasement--should we really care what the Germans say?

Complacency does not equal "Peace". While some couldn't be bothered to deal with a threatening neighbor with weapons --too inconvenient-- I for one will not stand here waiting for the next catastophe to happen...only for some to tell me that, like 9/11, we deserved it.



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