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War = Profits "War is good for the State"

Pres Bush sure has a big smile on his face! He is actually glowing - why?
Bush is glowing. He looks like he is ready to fly! They can't even put enough make-up on to cover it up on television! Why is he so happy? Could it be he will now make billions everyday they have a war? Could it be they set up the "sniper" drama, right before the count in Congrress, for this very reason. Could it be they think we are so stupid not to see through it? We watch football and baseball - and can't see through this one? it works the same, doesn't it? maybe not, since that is the free market system working - while the State/government/bureaucrats work in a very dishonest way - no such thing as free market - but force and coercion only. Couold that be why?.



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