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Open Letter To the Peace Movement

We Must Close Ranks Now!
Open Letter To the Peace Movement

We Must Close Ranks Now!

I could care less who is organizing the DC rally on the 26th. of Oct. I'm going. I am an anarchist who's only agenda is the saving the precious life on this planet. I am not invested in any particular group. I put my analysis out for free on Indymedia because I shy away from entrenched economic structures when it comes to my research. I am only interested in the opportunity for truth to surface,

As far as I am concerned the CIA could be organizing the rally and I would still show up. The numbers are what count not the organizers. This silence between the different groups as each of them compete to be the leadership of this movement is only counter productive if you pay attention to it. It is the cause that matters not the petty personality conflicts amongst the organizers of the movement.

My favorite paradox in America is the fact that politicians especially those on the right focus on the sanctity of the flag rather than the sanctity of the constitution, espousing freedom while shredding the great meaning of the document. As long as this movement keeps focusing on the cult of personality instead of movement we will not get the numbers out that are required to make a difference. People need to park their egos and focus on the prize, a future without war. A future where Nature is allowed her dance of life. A future devoid of the power and the glory of man but rather of all life on this beautiful gem, this Earth.

If we can not visualize our future it can not happen. To visualize our future it must be accepted that every person represents a unique view of that future. Ideas live and die as people do but the one constant is life. Life is more important than anything. There is no aspect of life that is attempting to destroy the whole in order to win the game of life. This I have the greatest faith in. This is why we will succeed. We are the balance to those who resent life as they can not control it. We who have accepted life and death as we accept the seasons can walk together without fear in the unity of protest against war.

I have no leader, I lead no one. Please, let us come together right now, over me.



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