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The Last Duel: Dark Side of Congress

A continuation of: The Last Duel: Bush Runs Amuck
The House of Representatives and the Senate have passed Bush’s resolution allowing Bush to not have to go through the United Nations. I think of the UN to be kind of a world government, but I still think the president should have to get the permission of all the countries to attack Iraq. In Bush’s speech to America he tried to link Iraq with al-Quaeda. It’s time we stop supporting the president when he tries to relate everything that happens with the attacks of September 11, 2001. It was the worst terrorist attack on US soil in history, but it does not give us permission to wage war on any country we choose. Thousands of people died that day and they would not want us to seek revenge by invading Iraq.

We do not need to invade Iraq without hard evidence and we do not have any. My question is this: why do we need to invade Iraq for their weapons of mass destruction, but not Korea or China or Pakistan or any other country? The answer is obvious—those wars would be much more challenging and they do not have the bubbling brew known as oil.

Daschle made a complete turnaround supporting the president, but the American people cannot be bought. I know the truth and I will fight like hell to preserve and expose it. There is massive corruption in the White House and most Americans do not know what it is. I know and I will share it with you in time, though my writings.



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