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Saftey Net

Safety Net
Safety Net.
A foreign concepts to most Americans.

The national religion, Capitalism has so warped
peoples beliefs of what is right and what is not
that the notion of CARING for those worse off is
thought of as UNAMERICAN. Something that only
evil socialists like the French and the Swedish do.

The only homeless in civilised countries you will
see are hitchhikers or mental institution patients
let lose onto the community by adopting the IMF
and World Bank policies of 'Market Driven Health Care'. The notion of poverty so abject and complete
that you do not even have a roof over your head
is a foreign concept, limited only to poorly developed countries like the US.
Oh yes, US is the largest global polluter and has
the largest military. But when it comes to GPI.
Genuine progress Indicatore the US is up there
with the 3rd world countries.

The US culture polarises people.
There are the 'worthy' ones who were lucky enough
to prosper and the 'unworthy' ones who 'dont have
it what it takes to succeed. There is no middle ground.

For the sake of paying a small proportion
of your income for government programs to help
the needy you get the assurance that should
misfortune strike you, you will not have to
suffer more than necessary.
Where religious dogma and IDEALOGY dictate
how you should mistreat you fellow man
all suffer. The nation is poorer as a whole.

We have to abandon our middle ages attitudes
and move forward this is the 21st centry. Compassion for your fellow man WILL ultimately



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