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israeli army bulldozer crushes 3year old in Rafah

preemptive strike on a future 'terrorist'?
Was the bulldozer a caterpillar? A possible US conection
Al-Khalil, Oct 13, IRNA -- The Israeli occupation army is continuing
its genocidal repression of Palestinian civilians throughout the West
Bank and Gaza Strip, killing more civilians and destroying Palestinian
fields, orchards and infrastructure.
In its latest brutality, an Israeli army bulldozer crushed to
death a Palestinian toddler, a three-year-old child, after bulldozing
his family home in Rafah at the southern edge of the Gaza Strip.
Eyewitnesses said an army bulldozer suddenly bulldozed a shack
where a family of six people were asleep without giving the dwellers a
chance to escape.
A child was crushed to death while remaining family members
sustained disparate injuries.
More than 20 other Palestinians were also injured when Israeli
soldiers manning armored personnel carriers opened fire
indiscriminately on Palestinian homes throughout Rafah.
Israeli troops rampaging the West Bank and Gaza killed at
least five Palestinian civilians during the past 48 hours.
The latest victims of Israeli repression, which many Palestinian
and human rights observers are beginning to describe as "genocide and
holocaust," include a housewife in Nablus, a school boy in Tulkarm,
and a worker, in addition to the toddler mentioned above.
Palestinians say the Israeli army deliberately targets Palestinian
children and civilians in order to push large numbers of Palestinians
to leave their ancestral homeland.



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