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Daybreak! #3 (midwestern anarchist hellraisin') newspaper Now Out!

Daybreak! info. The Midwests only free anarchist newspaper
Daybreak! #3 is out!
Your favorite regional anarchist newspaper is now out and ready to be distributed all over the Midwest!

This issue is the best yet, including; Who Killed the Family Farm, Residents Riot Against Killer Cops, anti-war editorial, anti-police stuff, our endorsement of the Minnesota Twins, an update on community gardens, intl news, local anarchist history (of revolutionary anarchist Bowling League), prisoner support page, DIY page, book zines and music reviews, a little fiction, as well as an amazing crossword.

We're trying to make distribution more decentralized so

1) if you live in the Twin Cities: You can pick Daybreak! up at one of the hubs where we dump alot of copies. North Country Co-op, Hard Times Cafe, Seward Cafe, Arise! Bookstore, Fine Grind, Eclipse Records, Resource Center of the Americas, 5th Element, Big Brain Comics, Dreamhaven books. Please take as many of these as you can use, hand them out to interested people on the street, or put a couple copies in places where they won't get thrown out (liquor stores, high schools, community centers, cafes...). We're trying to reach a big audience here so please help us!

2) If you live anywhere else: Send 1$ for one issue but please consider distributing more for us. We still need locals to take responsibility for handing Daybreak! out in their towns and rural areas! Contact us and we'll send you a box! Or send us a contact who'd be willing to take them for us.

Donations are needed! We put this free paper out relying mostly on benifits and donations, please consider subscribing as we're still way in the debt for this issue. 10$ for 4 issues (No Checks)

Po Box 14007
Minneapolis MN 55404
daybreak (at)



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