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The U.S. Dollar Is A Fraud

It's time that individuals wake up to the underlying fraud of our monetary and banking systems. What we think is money is simply part of a vast organized fraud which is enslaving the world. Stop using and saving worthless dollars. Buy gold and silver and store it away. And begin using Liberty Dollars -



By: John-Howard; Alexander

A currency unit functions as money, a medium of voluntary exchange, only-because people expect it to do so in the future. One reason why they expect a particular currency unit to be acceptable in the future is that it has been acceptable in the past.

The secret of retaining the public's confidence in any currency unit is simple enough; convince users of the money that the issuers are responsible, reliable and trustworthy.

The public needs an impersonal guardian to restrain the actions of those who hold a real monopoly of money creation: the government, the central bank; and the commercial banks. The public can guard the guardians if Citizens have the right to go down to the local bank and receive payment in gold or silver.

When the authorities declared the convertibility of paper into specie metals “null and void”, it sends the public a message. “ATTENTION! This is your government speaking. We are no longer willing to subject ourselves to your continual interference in our governmental affairs. We no longer can tolerate illegitimate restrictions on our efforts to guard the public welfare, especially from the public, therefore, we are suspending the following civil right; the public's legal right to call our bluff when we guarantee free convertibility of our currency.”

The logic of gold and silver is also fairly simple: Treasury monopolists, like all other monopolists, cannot be trusted to honor their promises and deliver a reliable currency unit that will have future value - a trustworthy money system.

Mr. Samuel B. Pettengill writing “Inflation Is A Burglar” put it this way, “It can, I think be laid down as a universal rule that all inflation is caused by the acts or politics of government, among which is any large increase in the debts of the central government. A large increase in government debt by borrowing at the banks creates a glut of money, which causes money to lose value.”

People who cannot bring themselves to trust the government with any monopoly, let alone a monopoly over the control of money, prefer to trust precious metals. It may not be the best thing to trust but it is certainly more reliable than governmental bureaucrats.

Past inflation's show us that precious metals, which were the original store of value, are still best for this purpose. It is very powerful to align yourself with 6,000 years of recorded history.">





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