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Independence, Youth and The Rise of Truth

The source of the recent Harken revelations prove that the world has definitely opening up to the age of independent publishing, research and the celebration of the rise and glory of truth.

Who Gets The Harken Story? A Bunch Of College Students!
Undergrads Put Nicknamed Numbskulls To Shame

The entire Washington press corps has reacted with its usual stupefaction, now that a group made up largely of college undergraduates has beaten it – scooped it, creamed it, cut it cold – over the blockbuster story revealing new details of the Bush-Harken affair and the subsequent White House cover-up.

Up in Cambridge, Mass., the intrepid, tireless members of HarvardWatch, a little outfit run out of Dubya's second alma mater did what all smart investigative reporters have done since the days of Watergate – they followed the money.

And what they discovered and documented – that Bush family supporters manipulated a bail-out Dubya's company in 1990, while the company deceived both investors and the SEC, all with Bush’s explicit approval – threatens to blow the lid off the entire affair.

It is a story with international repercussions.

And it took a bunch of kids who have not gotten nicknames from George W. Bush to break it -- doing the job the American press is supposed to do.

Where were the Media Whores? Well they have followed the Washington Post’s editorial lead, laid down when the story first broke, that Harken is really a non-story, that it is ancient history, that it has no legs, and deserves none.

(Well done, Mr. Hiatt!)

Just like the early-1970's, when the Post’s David S. Broder, busy defending the Nixon regime from the growing anti-war movement, refused to pick up the Watergate story, huffing and puffing that there was nothing to it politically. (Yes, the Dean huffed and puffed thirty years ago, too.)

Back then, of course, a couple of local crime reporters at the Post named Woodward and Bernstein refused to back down – and got one of the biggest political stories in all of American history, not to mention lasting glory which even Woodward’s sad decline cannot fully erase.

But those days – and that kind of probing journalism by the supposed pros – are long gone.

The members Washington press corps are too busy primping to go on the cable news shows or clearing their throats to shoot the breeze with Imus, comparing their White House nicknames, covering what Karl Rove and Ari Fleischer and Fred Hiatt tell them to cover – instead of covering the news. So now America must rely on college kids, pursuing their own brand of citizen journalism!

Hey Stretch!!

Yo, Panchito!!

How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, a complete unknown?

While a bunch of kids beats your collective rear on what coulda' been, shoulda' been YOUR story?

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