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Workers: "Don't kill other workers"!

ChiRevNet(Chicago Revolutionary Network) puts out statement to workers of the world denouncing war hysteria.

The latest terrorist saga of the U.S. capitalist/imperialist ruling class--through Bush’s never-ending "war on terrorism" in search of absolute, gobal, U.S. capitalist/imperialist domination--is a war on Iraq. This for the economic, greedy profit-motive of oil super-profits, Iraq having the world’s second largest proven oil reserves. Thus, Saddam Hussein (who is an enemy of the Iraqi and international working class--like Bush, et. al) must go militarily. And who will pay the price? Foremost, Iraqi working people and their children: next, U.S. workers in the imperialist "service" of big U.S. capital. But, does it have to be this way?

While a peace movement even before the start of the U.S. imperialist war on Iraq is heartening, a beginning, it is workers internationally, especially in the U.S., that need to step up, organize and wage the fighting class struggle for real socialism [which has never existed, see:, or call (773) 294-6780 and leave a message], a classless society world-wide! "The emancipation of the working class is the act of the working class itself"!

It is the super-rich U.S. capitalist/imperialist ruling class [and all capitalist and imperialist ruling classes internationally] and their outmoded capitalist system of exploitation, war, unemployment/poverty, economic depression, environmental devastation, racism, sexism, etc. that is the chief enemy of us U.S. workers and all workers world-wide! Workers of the world, unite!--overthrow capitalism & achieve real socialism, a classless society globally! CHIREVNET, Oct. 8, 2002.



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