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Anti-War Activists Occupy Hillary Clinton's Office

NYU students are in Senator Hillary Clinton's office, and are refusing to leave until Sen. Clinton pledges to vote against the war resolution currently being debated in the Senate.
Activists entered Sen. Clinton's office at around 1:00pm today to present a petition signed by 1,000 NYU students urging Senators Clinton and Schumer and Representative Nadler to vote against President Bush's war plans. Full Story

Update: As of 8:30pm five demonstrators continue to occupy Senator Clinton's office. The police haven't arrested anyone, and the word is that Clinton wants no arrests to avoid public relations problems. There are approximately 40 people outside the Senator's office building in a police pen, with one group in costume who call themselves the "Missile Dick Chicks." About 4 cops on the outside.

This is a developing story, and updates will be posted as they occur at NYC IMC




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