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Call To Action: Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue November 7th-9th Chicago, IL

Call To Action: Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue November 7th-9th Chicago, IL
Call To Action:

Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue

November 7th-9th

Chicago, IL

The Transatlantic Business Dialogue is a coalition
of U.S. and European CEOs, that is mandated by and
gets unlimited access to the U.S. and European
governments. It helps boost transatlantic trade for
large corporations by promoting the WTO and knocking
down "barriers to trade". According to the TABD
barriers to trade can be, labor protections, food
safety and health laws, and anything that blocks
corporations' paths to unlimited profit.
One of its main purposes is to serve as a forum to
converge and make cohesive the interests of the
Global North, so that the interests of the two most
powerful blocs of modern-day imperialism can
coordinate their actions in the international arena.
This function of the TABD in the light of the
unending series of wars unfolding around the world
(Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Phillipines,
Palestine, . . is even more frightening. In 2002 the
co-chairs of the TABD include Boeing-based in
Chicago- and BAE systems, two of the largest defense
contractors and arms producers in the world! Other
elements of the military-corporate complex have also
taken front and center at the TABD such as the
European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company and
Northrop Grumman.

In the TABD's own words:
"The events of 9-11 have created a new awareness of
the importance of the security sector. Our group
will focus on ways to capitalize on this, as well as
to ensure that new government regulations in the
name of security do not burden our industries."

On November 7-8th the TABD will be coming to
Chicago. They will be discussing strategies that
will pave the way for global capitalism to rampage
through our communities, towns and home countries.
Even if bombs are needed for the paving.

(Diversity of Tactics invitation)
Check out to see the general invitation
addressed to CEOs to the TABD CONFERENCE in CHICAGO:

"The Conference is open to corporate CEOs from
wholly-owned companies based in the US or the
European Union that are engaged in transatlantic
trade. Invitations will be sent directly to CEOs
over the summer."

We are sending you our invitation for our party!!!

Make your travel arrangements

(Housing Webpage) to come to Chicago!!!

November 7 and 8th

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