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MKE: Sit In At Senator's Office Continues Overnite


MILWAUKEE -- Each of Senator Kohl's offices around Wisconsin have
been taken over by sit-ins this morning around 10am.

They will now be spending the evening.

Earlier today here in Milwaukee, the Federal Building's security
officers agreed to allow food in, but Senator Kohl called from DC
saying they were not allowed to eat. Since then their access to
bathrooms has been cut off as well. Two of the anti-war citizens
had brought sandwiches and celery for lunch, which of course they
ended up sharing with everyone else.

Kohl's office is hoping they will leave on their own. Additional
people wished to join the sit-in late this afternoon but were
also denied entry. If you'd like to tell Kohl's employees you
don't like their behavior lately, you could try 414-297-4451
but I think it's currently a number that neither the protesters
nor the Senator's temp workers have access to right now. I did
hear there's an answering machine on the other end. Hint, hint.

Just so you know, Last sunday about 30 people took part in an
antiwar picket of the US embassy in Krakow.

But I digress.

Locals picketing outside of Kohl's office here in Milwaukee
were in agreement that there is a clear metaphorical, analogous
parallel between cutting off food and bathrooms up in that
building to the US Government cutting off potable water to
the people in Basra and Baghdad proper.





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