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RAAW ( Radical Action Against War)

For those people who want to stand against war, capitalism and impearialism but do not want to follow pacifist dreamers.
We all will be judged in the future by how we have acted at this moment in history. Did we stand up to imperialism, racism and injustice or did we look the other way.It is our job here in America, in the belly of the beast, to stand up and change this system, which means confrontation on any and every level.

There are those out there who do not wish to make a stand against imperialism and injustice, but they claim they are against war and that they have the right to lead an anti-war movement. But, these people simply do not get it; there is good and bad in this world and their is evil and it is centered here in this beast that has been created off of exploitation.There is no need to beg the enemy to change his mind, to sing silly songs, no the enemy must be replaced by any means necessary!!!

If you want to join a movement that is seeking to crush this world order and not bend over for this world order then you need to get with RAAW ( Radical Action Against War), where anti-imperialists of all stripes; Socialists, Muslims, Communists, Anarchists, Christians, Jews, etc. are seeking to destroy this system.

Get with it and leave these pacifist dreamers like the AFSC and others behind, or be a slave to the whims of the empire.



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