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Schools Are Prisons - Why?

From Alex Jones (WWW.INFOWARS.NET).
They have turned our schools into prisons. Why? So the children will get used to living in a prison of the USA. Why? Because this is what governments have done throughout history, have always done, and always will do. This is the system. The same system of a battering husband. It's a system of power and control. So why would we want more big government like the UN? Who is they? They are politicians and their bureaucrats - too stupid to get a real job and make a real product that the people really want, so they have to steal our money and use group force and propanda to get their way. Good role models for children, right? Teachers in groups of bullies forcing us to take our children to their prisosn, with a bunch of women that are puritianical so much so they are ignorant. What a great world they have created, yet they want more taxes from us. They are so stupid, they don't even see what they are doing. Emma Goldman says women are too puritanical and makes them good State workers. This is exactly what has happened. And look at the mess! They are stealing our kids and making our society one big prison system. Everything set up by media propaganda and government together. One big con game and fraud by stupid people.

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