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Vaccinations Used To Dumb Us Down

from Alex Jones' show (WWW.INFOWARS.NET)
Alex Jones says vaccinations dumb us down so they can use us easier. The bureaucrats want us to be good little sheep, easy to control (just like the kind of wife husbands want). It's the same sort of system that we have to fight against. We do this by raising our self esteem and realizing our perfect we are all - then fight back tyranny, if it is in your personal life or from government. It's a sick system that humankind is stuck in right now. From religion to government to media to groupthink, we are being controlled and used and exploited and abused because we believe we deserve it, that's all we are worth. Bullshit! We are all made of star material. The stars you see in the sky are the same material as us! We are all perfect! So act like it and refuse their shit. Work for freedom, not money. Help Starve A Feeding Bureaucrat!



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