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Critical Moment: Countdown to Congressional vote on Bush war resolution

See 'Critical Moment' - a website with a running countdown to the Congressional vote on the Bush resolution for war. Includes dynamic graphs that are tracking public opinion, action alerts, e-petitions, and a wide variety of additional anti-war resource links.
Protests are being organized in Washington, DC everyday this week in opposition to a war resolution that will give the Bush administration power to unilaterally attack Iraq.

The House will begin debate Tuesday, Oct 8th. A vote is expected in the House on Thursday, while the Senate is expected to vote next week. Opponents are hoping key Democrats will filibuster the vote, thus bringing more public attention to the issue to hopefully defeat the resolution. A website with a countdown to the vote and links plus interactive graphs that track public opinion on the issue has been established to document this critical moment in history.

Time is running out.




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