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Rod For Us?

Eight Reasons Why "Rod is Not For Us." Posted [but did not take]as comment to earlier post, "Friendly Reminder" which had a link to the Blagojevich campaign.
Rod Blagojevich: War Monger, Labor Faker
by Bob Schwartz 8:11am Sun Oct 6 '02 comment#14116

Eight Reasons Showing Why "Rod is Not For Us!"

1. Voted for the War of Terror resolution.

2. Voted for all military appropriations to support terror

3. Voted for the USA Patriot act (while 66 Democrats and 3
Republicans did not).

4. Voted to exclude US funds from the UN Criminal Court.

5. Voted for the Homeland Security Act which allows the
president to ignore
job protection provisions in federal union contracts.

6. Voted for HR condemning the 9th Circuit Court decision
regarding "under god" in pledge of allegiance.

7. Supports death penalty, even opposing
the "reform" of reducing the number of
crimes to which the penalty applies.

8. Opposes gay marriage.



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