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OK, Governor Ryan recognizes there are innocent people on Death Row, so he commutes the sentences.. ISN'T THAT ENOUGH PROOF TO DEMAND NEW TRIALS!!!? DON'T SETTLE~!!!
Liberals want to give themselves award ceremonies and sandwiches, and authoritarian lefties want to broker for power. It's not enough.. we need to demand NEW trials for Death Row victims, especially those tortured by Jon Burge.

To truly understand the process of liberation and become aware of self-determination, there needs to be new strategies with the end of supporting the prisoners and their families directly. People-to-people, each one teach one.

The only measure, without getting too bizarre and controlling about it is to urge people to go and make personal relationships with prisoners and their families. Then just do what comes naturally.

There is no need for, nor is there time to be 'directed' by some ideological organization. GO MAKE FRIENDS.

The sooner true alliances are formed on the ground in this country, the sooner we can liberate washington dc from the grip of the global pirates.

Get off the page and into the neighborhoods!



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