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Israel/Arab Issue

A comment on the current conflict. Do you have any proof to prove it false?
Why Israel Is The Victim

The Middle East Struggle Is Not About Right Against Right...

It is about a fifty-year effort by the Arabs to destroy the Jewish state, and the refusal of the Arab states in general and the Palestinian Arabs in particular to accept Israel's existence. If the Arabs were willing to live peacefully as Israel's neighbors, there would be no occupied territories and there would be a Palestinian state.

The Arabs claim that Jewish settlements in the West Bank are the obstacle to peace. But there are Arab settlements in Israel. They are actually called cities - which are not a problem for Israel. So why should Jewish settlements be a problem for the Arabs? The reason is that the Arabs will not tolerate a Jewish presence in their states or anywhere in the Middle East. This is the source of the Middle East problem - Islam's war against the infidels; the Arabs' hatred of Jews. The Middle East conflict is not about Israel's occupation of the territories; it is about the refusal of the Arabs to make peace with Israel, which is an expression of their desire to destroy the Jewish state.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was created in 1964, sixteen years after the establishment of Israel and the first Arab aggression. The Palestine liberation movement was created at a time the West Bank was not under Israeli control but was part of Jordan. The Palestine liberation movement was not created so that the Palestinians could achieve self-determination in Jordan, which comprises 90% of the original Palestine Mandate and which is a majority Palestinian state. The goal of Palestinian liberation, inscribed in its original charter, was the "liquidation of the Zionist presence." In the words of its leaders, it was to "push the Jews into the sea."

That was the meaning of liberation then; it is the meaning of suicide bombing now. The root cause of the Middle East conflict is Arab and Islamic Jew-hatred. It is the Nazi virus revived.

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