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Definition of Rogue States

as seen in the new "National Security Strategy of the United States"
In the 1990s we witnessed the emergence of a
small number of rogue states that, while different
in important ways, share a number of attributes.
These states:

• brutalize their own people and squander their national resources for the personal gain of the rulers;
• display no regard for international law, threaten their neighbors, and callously violate international treaties to which they are party;
• are determined to acquire weapons of mass destruction, along with other advanced military technology, to be used as threats or offensively to achieve the aggressive designs of these regimes;
• sponsor terrorism around the globe; and
• reject basic human values and hate the United States and everything for which it stands.

So we're a "rogue state" now? Ooooh, sounds exotic! I feel like Han Solo.



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