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Iran: the life of Salar Kerdari is in danger!

Salar Kerdari is a 19 year-old Kurdish youth from Marivan in Iranian Kurdistan. He was arrested near the Iran-Iraq border about two and a half months ago and is now jailed in Sanandaj's central prison.
The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have recently informed his family that he has been condemned to death. He has been accused of the 'crime' of being a part of the political movement against the regime in Kurdistan - a 'crime' that most of the youth of Iranian Kurdistan have committed.

We call on all human rights and progressive organisations to voice their opposition to this heinous act that is aimed at all Kurdish youth and the resistance of the Kurdish people against decades of Persian and Shiite tyranny.

Please send protest letters, faxes and emails to Mohammad Khatami (Mohammad Khatami, The Presidency, Palestine Avenue, Azerbaijan Intersection, Tehran, Iran; or emails to khatami (at) or fax 0098- 216 464 443). Solidarity messages may be sent to the Secretariat of Komala - The Revolutionary Organisation of the Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan (Postfach 800272, Koln 51002, Germany or emails to komala_int (at) or fax 0044 - 2072268423).

Amin Kazemi

For and on behalf of IRSL
30 September 2002

Iranian Revolutionary Socialists' League
London WC1N 3XX, England.
editor (at)

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