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Union workers: primary target Bush's axis of evil

The Longshore Workers' strike could be the titan of battles in Bush's war against the world.
In the Bush Administration's march to dominate the world, union workers are among the top targets. They already have threatened the West Coast Longshoremen with the tag of terrorist and all the consequences available under those statutes. They also threatened to bring in military personnel as scabs. Our million-dollars-a-minute military will be used to undermine decades of struggle.

Ronald Reagan shoved the dagger into the backs of PATCO (Air Traffic Controler) workers immediately after he became president by rigging the 1980 election. PATCO had supported Reagan and naively believed he would be their buddy.

The Longshoremen are not so naive and will not be fooled. They have staked out the battle ground that will determine the future of workers, possibly for decades. Bush promised to veto the Homeland Security Bill if unions are permitted. Unions are far more anathema to him than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden combined. We need to realize that.

We need to support our Longshoremen brothers and sisters in every way we can. Their fight is our battle and destiny.



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