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Tues, 10/1: Emergency Protest at Federal Plaza - No Iraq War!

When: Tues. * Oct. 1 * Noon
Where: Federal Plaza * Adams & Dearborn, Chicago
Across America, people are rallying to send Congress and the Bush administration a powerful message: we do not support the rush to war in Iraq. Why? Because people recognize that the war will cost both Iraqi and American lives, drain vital tax dollars from education, healthcare and environmental protection, and potentially threaten the prospect for a just peace in regions from the Middle East to Latin America.

And the voices for peace are growing. Still, while some members of Congress are beginning to listen to the public and engage in more open debate about the wisdom of the administration’s war-mongering, Bush and his allies still demand war at all costs.

Help spread the word! Click here for PDF demo flyer.

Cosponsors (list in formation): Adalberta Methodist Church, the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee/Chicago Chapter, American Friends Service Committee, Arab American Media Guild, the Boriqua Human Rights Network, Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, Chicago Coalition Against U.S. Militarism, Chicago Islamic Center, Chicago Peace Response, Coalition for Justice in Palestine, Columbia College On the Ground, Communist Party of Illinois, DePaul Students Against the War, Eighth Day Center for Justice, Free Palestine Alliance, Illinois Peace Action, International A.N.S.W.E.R./Chicago, International Action Center /Chicago, International Socialist Organization, Islamic Association for Palestine, Neighbors for Peace, Not In Our Name, Nicaragua Solidarity Committee,Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice, Palestine Aid Society, Palestinian American Council, Palestine Solidarity Group, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, Philippine Solidarity Committee, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Ravenswood for Peace, Voices In The Wilderness. Initiating organization: the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism.

For more info, email ccawr (at) or call 312-458-9559.

Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism




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